I Am Blessed

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Staff Testimonies

Truoba Ando is my name and I am from Himarata village, Lamari LLG, Obura Wonenara District of EHP. Thank you EBC Health Services for the opportunity to give a short testimony of how EBC Health Services has been providing health services to my people.

I heard of the EBC Mission while attending EBC Church Obura preparatory school in 1970. From 1970 to 1975, While at school there was no big health centers or clinics like today.

Missionaries and missionary nurses with local health workers were giving medicine, giving injections and dressing sores in small make shift houses built by the church. Many times there would be serving from their own missionary house doors.

I would also see them come to my village doing village health patrols seeing many mothers and babies, children, and old people, sharing God’s Word and then treating the sick. They would give out food stuff and teach mothers how to feed children with many local vegetables and greens. I am one of those children, who would run away but was lured by ‘Swiss Chocolate’ and candies in order to get an injection, of which I later learnt that it was immunization injection.

In early 1980s, the missionaries sent few local people to train as Community Health Workers and after graduation they then returned to serve their communities as volunteers. From then on, many local male and female were becoming health workers. By 1990 and growing up as a young man I witnessed EBC Mission and with help of the Governments built more proper Health centers and Aid posts of which some exists till today.

I was given the opportunity to be a driver for church vehicles and now one of the drivers driving ambulances. From 2000 to current 2018, almost 18years, I have been blessed to have this church (EBC Church) to provide health services to my people. I have witnessed many lives, both mothers and children being saved and many people serve through their health centers and aid posts.

The organization has grown large and has expanded to many parts of PNG and without doubt they will expand further because of their good administration and management.

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