I Know Who I Am Serving

by | Apr 13, 2018

I am Willie Niniko, a male Nursing Officer by profession, now a health manager and one of the longest serving officer in EBC Health Services. I am delighted to give a brief testimony of my life and work with the organization.  Briefly I graduated from Goroka Nursing College in early 1980s and started working several organizations including the government before I join EBC Health Services in 1987.
EBC Health Services during my time was a small church health organization managed by mostly pioneer missionaries and missionary nurses. Local nurses like me and others were working alongside them, serving most of the rural populations within PNG. During those times, conditions and benefits were unlike today. One of the experience is the pay which I usually get K70.00 a fortnight. Despite, the pay rate, other benefits of having good housing conditions by mission, and tremendous spiritual support from Pastors and Missionaries encouraged me to keep serving and staying on.

As a Christian Nurse graduate, I always remember my “Nursing Pledge” that keep me tune in my profession all through my life work experience. Using my knowledge and ability to serve others became a true meaning to me and I really enjoyed my profession to date. One of the motivation in me was doing things as for fun and enjoying my work. While I enjoy, I do remember that I am dealing with a human being, just one being like myself.

Being one of the longest serving officer, I have seen the whole organization growing and expanding to more new provinces and areas with PNG. Total number of employees have also grown from less than 20 to 100 employees now with benefits unlike the past. In the administration of which I am part of the team now, would say there was/is a great deal of changes in the total administration and management in the last 20 years when the responsibilities were taken over by the Local managers. The last 10 years, I have been part and partial of the change contributing to the current state of EBC Health Services.

It is my pleasure and opportunity to thank God working in this organization and as long as God allows, I will continue to perform my best for I know whom I serve.

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