Heartwarming Gift

by | Sep 28, 2018

How do you feel when you receive a gift – especially a gift that is helpful that you can use regularly? Does it affect your relationship with the giver? Receiving such an amazing gift comes with a glorious feeling and this creates strong bonds which strengthen relationships!

On the 26th of September, we were blessed to receive a gift from Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF), in Goroka. CRMF General Manager Michael Wakefield and Deputy General Manager Bryan Mathew presented two brand-new wheel chairs to , Japalis Kaiok (Agency Health Secretary) on behalf of  EBC Health Services. This wonderful presentation was witnessed by CRMF staff along with Program Officer Willie Niniko and Health Information Officer Matilda Kaiok of EBC Health Services. The presentation was quite short but it was surely delightful!

These two wheelchairs will certainly help a lot of patients. Both wheelchairs will be taken down to the newly built EBC Kassam District Hospital for the wheeling of patients who are unable to walk – to get medical help at the hospital.

We will use the two wheelchairs for their purposes and will continue to embrace the already built partnership we have with CRMF.

Japalis Kaiok

Agency Health Secretary, EBC Health Services

CRMF has been and continue to be a partner in our health service delivery intentions. We sincerely appreciate the gift and will continue to work together.

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