EBC Health Projects

Our Health Projects strengthen and improve the quality of our health care systems to be efficient, available and to be accessible and useful to the communities. Our Health Projects are designed to bring about positive outcomes in alignment with our Health Services Plan and the PNG National Health Plan Directives.
Types of Health Project

Infrastructure projects (small to large scale)

These projects include;

  • Maintenance and repair of our facilities
  • New Health Centers or buildings


Special health programs and project

Community health programs and development initiatives

These projects include:

  • Water supply project
  • Health and hygiene awareness
How We Manage Our Projects

We use SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely) goals in every Health Projects to make sure that our projects are monitored and progress is evaluated so that we can achieve our project goals in a timely manner.

Funding and Partnership

Some of our projects are funded by the PNG National Department of Health (through Christian Health Services), donors, private sector organization, or other government departments. We are open to partner and work with organizations, donors, suppliers or the government who share the same Health Project goals. Contact us about how we can partner and work together.