Our Work

We work along our ‘Health Service Plan’ which aligns with the directives, policies and guidelines of the Government of Papua New Guinea.
Our Focus

EBC Health Services’ aim is to prevent illness by focusing on informing communities through Health Education, Health Promotion, and Health Awareness. Our goals is for communities to achieve healthier living environments, better personal and family health practices, and have access to preventive medications and immunizations.

We strive to empower individuals, families and communities to improve their health and transform their communities through changes in attitude and behavior. As we care for patients, we aim to show the unconditional love of Christ. We pray, that through our love and care, people will experience Christ‘s love for them and will accept him into their lives.

Health Services Today

As PNG’s population moves into urban areas and is more exposed to the problems of alcohol, drug abuse, and HIV/Aids, there are many unmet needs.

  • 87% of the population lives in remote rural setting
  • 13% live in urban areas

Given the country’s natural geographical terrain, bringing health services to these areas is a challenge for the Government’s Health Department as well as the Christian churches, and other non-government organizations. EBC Health Services compliments the health directives of the Government by providing these health services to the rural majority of the country’s population.

Categories of Our Health Services
Family Health Care Services
  • Antenatal Care services
  • Supervised Labor and Birthing Services
  • Maternal Preventative Immunizations
  • Neonatal Care services
  • Neonatal preventative immunizations
  • Neonatal, infant and child Nutrition
  • Child Health Care Services
  • Children Preventative Immunization
  • School age health care services
  • Teenage / Adolescent health care Services
Public Health Care Services
  • Health education, health promotion and awareness on common public health issues – personal hygiene, community water supply & sanitation etc.
  • Treatment and prevention of common public health issues – disease outbreaks, treating outpatients for common ailments etc.
  • Counselling of infected and affected population on public health problems – HIV and AIDs clients and family members.
Curative Health Care & Referral System
  • Strengthen and maintain the patient’s referral pathway from the rural health settings to secondary and tertiary levels of health care.
Issues We Face
  • A shortage of medical supplies – drugs, items, equipment
  • Shortage of health workforce – the specialized healthcare providers etc.
  • Deteriorating health infrastructure
  • Illiteracy
  • Poor road and bridge infrastructures
  • Poor rural airstrip infrastructures
  • Lack of other needed social services for both health officers and community needs – schools, police stations etc.
  • Natural disasters