We are open to work with either government, faith-based, community-based and non-governmental organizations, as both stakeholders and donor partners.
Past Partnerships & Projects

Some of our past partnerships produced projects were based around projects such as:

  • Infrastructure building
  • Special community health programs
  • Staff development and training programs
  • Workforce agreements for specific programs and service provisions
Talk To Us

Does this sound like something you are interested in? We are open to talk with you.

We are looking for partner’s that share the same vision of reaching the remote with health care. We place a high value on resource sharing and supporting each other. Just send us an email.

Below are many of our past and present partners and we are very thankful for them:
  • Care PNG
  • Touching the Untouchables (TTU)
  • Marie Stopes
  • World Vision
  • Office of the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea
  • Office of the Member for Obura Wonenara District – Eastern Highlands Province
  • Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program
  • Simbu Provincial Health Authority
  • Madang Provincial Administration & Provincial Health Department
  • Eastern Highlands Provincial Administration & Provincial Health Authority
  • Jiwaka Provincial Administration & Health Authority
  • Obura Wonenara District Development Authority – Eastern Highlands Province
  • Daulo District Development Authority – Eastern Highlands Province
  • Usino Bundi Development Authority – Madang Province